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This page is under construction and will include links to a selection of the following resources generated by IRESN's predecessor organization, Cal-IRES.

Public Presentations and Lectures – Titles1

  • International
    • Climate and Clean Energy
    • Climate Change and Renewable Energy
    • The Big Picture – 21st Century Energy
    • The End Of The Oil Age – The Green Energy Revolution
    • Climate Change, Clean Energy and Renewable Energy Secure Communities
  • National
    • 21st Century Energy Market Requirements for Information and Communications Technologies
    • Energy Supply Cost Estimation and Forecasting Efforts
    • Low Carbon Futures And Green Urban Design
    • RESCOs, Silver Buck-shot, Smart Grids and Other Coming Attractions
  • California
    • Bio-Power and Biofuels: State Policies, Drivers and Impediments
    • Consumer Behavior and “Smart Grid” Enabled Energy System Models
    • Emerging Energy Technologies
    • Geothermal Deployment Challenges Facing California Cities and Counties
    • Perspectives On CSP Economic Integration
    • Renewable Electricity Cost Assumptions and Drivers
    • Renewable Energy Innovation and Integration
    • Renewable Energy….not Alternative Energy
    • Renewable Integration Perspectives for the California Geothermal Community
    • Renewable Integration Research Topics and Gaps
    • Renewable Technologies for the Sierras
    • RESCO Innovation and Integration
    • The Need for Cross-Cutting Renewable Energy Research
  • Community
    • Community Choice Aggregation Overview
    • Net Zero Solar Community Technical and Economic Integration
    • Net Zero and CCA: Planning and Operations
    • Introduction – Net Zero Davis Energy Resources and Demand Workshop
    • Davis Net Zero Scoping and Scenario Analysis

Topical Reports and Working Papers – Titles2

  • California Renewable Energy Center
    • Cross Cutting Activities (Report)
    • Recommended Scope and Structure (Report)
    • Recommended Vision and Development Metrics (Report)
  • California Renewable Energy Forecasting, Resource Data and Mapping (Executive Summary)
  • Climate and Clean Energy (Lecture Notes)
  • Integrated Approach to Renewable Energy Deployment in California
    • Conclusions and Recommendations (Executive Summary)
    • Solutions and Scenarios (Report)
    • Cost Monitoring and Assessment (Appendix)
    • RD&D Directions (Appendix)
    • Programs (Appendix)
  • Net Zero Goals and Strategies for Davis, California
    • Part 1: Project Perspective
    • Part 2: White Paper
  • R&D Tasks Supporting West Village Energy Initiative Goals (Working Paper)
  • RESCOs and Advanced Electricity Distribution Technology: Frequently Asked Questions (Working Paper)
  • Strategic Planning for Renewable Energy: The Big Picture (Conference Paper)

1 Links to presentations are available on request
2 Links to presentations are available on request

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