IRESN Vision

There is a growing need for technically and economically sound information and perspective enabling integrated planning, development and deployment of energy systems compatible with community level environmental stewardship goals.Building on the foundation laid by Cal-IRES (2009-2012), IRESN continues to serve communities and collaborations engaged  integrated energy system research, planning and operation.


Why Network?

IRESN aims to help “connect the dots” for purposes of better decision-making regarding:

  • Technology in the context of economics and policy… similarly, economics in the context of technology and policy trends
  • Energy systems for cities and communities in the context of regional, building and transportation energy system innovation and infrastructure expansion
  • Energy resources in the context of other critical resources and infrastructure, e.g. land, water, waste and communications
  • Energy supply in the context of trends in energy finance, delivery and energy demand and user behavior

Why Integration?

There is an energy market transformation that is already underway.  It manifests in deployment patterns that will vary widely from region to region, county to county, city to city and neighborhood to neighborhood. Utility scale renewable energy deployment is dominant in California overall, with building scale deployment gaining traction in northern California. Integrated community scale deployment is a strategic gap and so has been the primary focus of the 2013-2016 IRESN effort.


Board of Advisors

Click here for IRESN officer and advisory board member biographical information.

Gerry Braun

Gerry Braun serves as IRESN's Chair. His knowledge of energy markets, electricity systems and clean energy supply technologies is rooted in his work over the years with leading firms and agencies such as Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Bechtel, Southern California Edison Company, BP Solar, Standard Solar, the US Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission.  He organized and managed important and continuing US and California energy R&D programs and also held senior executive, marketing and business development roles in global and local solar companies. He is a member and recent chair of the Gas Technology Institute’s Public Interest Advisory Committee.  He holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and graduate degrees in nuclear engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Stan Hazelroth

  Stan Hazelroth is currently working with Integrated Resource Network (IRESN) to research and publish articles of importance on renewable energy and energy finance. He has over 40 years’ experience as President/CEO various real estate related organizations, and creation of several successful entities providing products or services in California.  He served from 2001 to 2013 as CEO of California’s largest financing authority, the California Infrastructure Bank, responsible for oversight of lending, issuing bonds and creating non-profit vehicles for financing billions of dollars of infrastructure and economic development projects for government, for-profit, and non-profit entities. He left with a portfolio of over $32B in loans and bonds financing California projects.  Stan is a highly sought after speaker for events and conferences including World Infrastructure Summits in Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam, Testimony before U. S. Senate and House Committees and State Legislatures, National Chamber of Commerce, Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Annual Fall Meeting and Urban Land Expo, California Financing Coordinating Committee and numerous Bond Buyer conferences.
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