IRESN Benefits:


  • Expert, impartial content; 
  • Introductions to facilitate productive conversations and community action;
  • Support of member outreach efforts.

Support and Participation Options:

  1. Premium*
  2. Sponsoring*
  3. Advisory*
  4. Casual*

 *Click "Join Us" on the drop down menu under Participation Options, elect membership preference, then "Next"

For information about supporting IRESN as a Founding Member contact gbraun@iresn.org


Membership Levels

Founding members include other not for profit organizations or foundations whose missions will substantially benefit from IRESN operations and content development.

Annual Premium membership fees start at $1000, due at year-end for the following year.  Premium members will receive credit for a proportional number of hours per year of technical review support and/or an annual visit by the IRESN principal for consultation and/or topical seminar(s).

Annual Sponsoring membership fees are $500, due at the year-end for the following year.  Sponsor websites will be linked to the IRESN site, and sponsor profiles and logos will be posted, along with event announcements and links to policy and advocacy documents.

Annual Advisory membership fees are $100, due at year-end for the following year.  Advisory members will have the opportunity to review and comment on articles and study results in advance of and draft reports prior to their availability in the public domain.  Good faith efforts will be made to incorporate comments and accommodate concerns.

Annual Casual memberships are available at no cost.  As with other members, casual members will have visibility to articles, study results and website archives during a one year membership, which is subject to renewal annually on request.

All IRES membership fees and monetary donations will be applied to operating costs.  IRESN will function as a not for profit association initially, and eventually will be chartered to accept tax exempt contributions.  Stewardship of IRESN’s financial health and stability will initially be the responsibility of the IRESN Principal in consultation with IRESN founding members.  A governing board will be formed when IRESN is chartered as a tax exempt organization.   

As funding permits, IRESN staff will work to secure other benefits for members, including access to discounted conference registrations and enhanced website features.  For more information on participation, services and benefits, contact Gerry Braun at: gbraun@iresn.org.

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